The first Reclaimed fansite


Reclaimed is an online role-playing game, intended for multiple players. Using a flexible world-building system, players can shape the landscape around them. This site aims to be a resource for new and experienced players alike.


Reclaimed lets players build all sorts of structures, from lowly hovels to grand castles. It is considered very bad form to disrupt the creations of other players, either by digging through their walls, chopping down their carefully placed trees or killing the creatures that are obviously placed there specifically. Stealing objects from inside a player’s buildings is also a terrible thing to do, so just don’t. It’s very easy to obtain all of the common objects, such as logs, gems, stone blocks or mushrooms. There is no good reason to make anyone else’s experience less than enjoyable.


  1. Official Site

  2. Reclaiming Forum

If you find anything inaccurate or out-of-date, or if you just found the site useful, please let me know.