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Cody is no longer with us. I'm going to keep this site up, however, since I can always come back here when I miss him. He was my baby boy, and I'm going to miss him terribly.

How things were

Hi, my name is Cody. I'm a West Highland White Terrier, the breed paired with the Scotch Terrier in Black and White Scotch Whiskey. This is the site where you can learn all about me and my crazy antics.

I've been diagnosed with a disease commonly referred to as "Westie Lung Disease." Daddy and mummy are very upset by it, but luckily all I'm noticing right now is that it's sometimes hard to breathe. It's not stopping me from getting up to many of my regular tricks, and I'm happy with that.

Catching a snooze

It's sometimes said that I look like Milou, Tin-tin's dog. One thing's for sure, I'm a chick magnet, and I know it. Love it, couldn't be better, I say.

Sometimes life is hard...

I'm a bit moody at times, grouchy and barking one minute, then the next just very cuddly. My daddy likes it when I cuddle, he trained me to like cuddling. Usually I'm very friendly with people, and sometimes a little too friendly with the ladies, if you know what I mean. <nudge> <nudge> <wink> <wink> Other times I attack their legs, because obviously they're on my territory, and I can't have that.

I can sit and be quiet when I want to...

I've got life pretty easy, though, all things considered. I've seen some dogs that live on the street, with homeless kids. It must get cold out there for them, but at least they can keep a bit warm on a "three human night." I wish I could help out, but I don't know how. Seems there's very little a little guy like me could do for them.

My famous "humpy dance"!

My daddy's taught me a couple of tricks. He seems to think that the sitting one is the most important, though. I like the "dancing" trick the most, since it usually means I'm getting a biscuit. Can't understand why he'd want me to stop barking, it seems strange. He says it's something about the neighbours, although he doesn't seem to understand that they're the problem. I wouldn't have to bark if they weren't there.

Shh, I'm trying to camouflage myself!

One of my favourite games is "crazy dog." Daddy will chase me around, and I'll spin around in little circles on the bed, then run off out of the bedroom. For the past while, I haven't played that much. I'm a middle-aged guy, and my lung problems make strenuous activity difficult.

There's also the "rub a Bubbles" game. Bubbles is one of the many nicknames my daddy has given me, and mummy likes it too. The "rub a Bubbles" game is where mummy or daddy rub my sides and back, while saying "rub a Bubbles" excitedly. And there's always when I lie on my back and get my tummy rubbed, I like that a lot.

I love my big sister Karla!

Karla's my new bestest buddy. She moved in with us a while after mummy moved in. Karla's a greyhound, who used to race in Florida! It must be exciting chasing after a little rabbit around a track. I can't run anywhere near as fast as Karla, I sometimes have trouble keeping up with daddy. It's my short legs. But I can fit places where they can't, like under the bed. It's a good hiding spot for when I don't want my nails clipped, or I just need a time-out from all the excitement.

I know you're taking a picture of me!

I have a new spot to sleep now, in a nice doggy bed mummy bought me a while ago. It's not always my favourite spot, but it's comfy enough.

Give me that camera!

There are a lot of pictures of me, more than just the ones here. Daddy sometimes goes overboard taking my picture. I don't know what the excitement is all about, I'm just me. If you ask him, he might show you more, or maybe put more up here, so that everyone can enjoy them. Probably a lot of pictures of me, in fact. Some of just me, some with my Aunt Sparkle, some with Karla and some with people.

Me and Karla in boots...

I'm a pretty hardy little beast, and my fur keeps me quite warm in the winter. But the salt sometimes stings my paws, so daddy got me some boots. I don't really like them much, and I can usually hide under the bed in time if I see them taking them out to put on me. Crafty humans, though, they've learned to sneak them out and catch me unawares. Sneaky, filthy humanses. We hates them forever! Sorry, just channeling my inner Gollum.