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The Introduction

SpaceRat is a SpaceInvaders-like game, designed to fill the gap left by the end of DeskAccessories on the MacOS. With DeskAccessories available, one could play Desk Invaders, also a SpaceInvaders-inspired game.

I have a new version going that I converted to use CoreGraphics. It runs more smoothly, and it might give a bit of an idea of how to switch from QuickDraw to Quartz graphics, if you're faced with such a dilemma. If seeing it interests you, just send me an email.

The License

SpaceRat is © 2001 James Dessart

The source code for SpaceRat is available here, under the following License:

SpaceRat Restricted License


The attached files are provided without warranty, and without guanrantee of merchantability for any purpose. They are provided with the hope that they may be useful, or enjoyable.

Non-commercial use of the attached files is permitted, for example, to use them for the purpose of entertainment of one's self. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.

The attached files may be distributed, without modification, by any individual, without charge, by any means, as long as this License appears with the files, and a notice of the proper copyright is affixed.

Modifications may be made to the source files, for personal use. Distribution of said files must be restricted to private communications, except with express, written permission of the copyright holder. Such modifications may include the porting of the source files to a different computing platform, or enhancement of the distributed archives.

The artistic assets may not be redistributed outside of the attached files, and may not be modified. They may be replaced, pursuant to the restrictions of the above paragraph. These files may or may not belong to the copyright holder, however permission has been granted to the copyright holder to include them as part of the attached files.

The Files

The full source archive, with CodeWarrior Pro 5 project file, and associated artistic assets, is available here. It requires CarbonLib SDK, version 1.3 or higher, available from Apple, in order to build. CarbonLib 1.3 or higher must be installed in order to run the built application, or MacOS X 10.0 or higher.
SpaceRat (full source, 315K)

The source-only archive, provided for non-CodeWarrior users, is here. It contains only the source files.
SpaceRat (source files only, 51K)

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